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About Our Italian Restaurant

Ronald Haas started Martino's Pizza Place
with a simple concept— to provide high quality
Italian food with fresh ingredients at a fair price
in a comfortable, family atmosphere.

Our Italian Restaurant is all about people— the people
who work here and the people who eat here. Our
customers have shown us exceptional loyalty, and the
commitment of our dedicated staff is evident in excellent
food and outstanding customer service.

We are proud to be a part of the Stanley, Wisconsin
area. Martino's sponsors and gives donations to many
community events, and we offer several opportunities
for students of area schools.


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A visit with Dan Martino from Good Life Destinations

Martino's Restaurante, Stanley, WI

Nine years ago, Ron Haas was printing labels on McDonalds Happy Meal containers for a living, which gave him time to wonder if this was really what he should be doing with his life. Around that time, he attended a wedding in Chicago and found that his brother-in-law had just closed down his pizza restaurant and was looking to sell the equipment. Call it fate if you will, that conversation changed the trajectory of Ron's life and greatly improved the gastronomical lives of the folks living in and around Stanley, Wisconsin.

Growing up on a farm in rural Wisconsin, Ron felt at home in the kitchen from his earliest memories. So when the opportunity to get into the restaurant business presented itself, he was not remotely intimidated and confidently took steps to move the newly found pizza equipment to Stanley and open Martino's. The Italian name is derived from a very important person in Ron's life...his late father-in-law Martin, a man for whom Ron had a high regard. Nine years later, Martino's is a fixture in the Chippewa County/Clark County area, drawing patrons from Eau Claire and other surrounding towns..

But Ron and wife Karen have brought much more than great food to Stanley. Foster parents for years, they are raising two adopted children, foregoing the empty nest to start a second family. And the generosity doesn't end at home. Each year, Martino's hosts a benefit for local volunteer fire departments, donating 100% of the proceeds to the organizations. Firemen from the units prepare the pizzas and families enjoy games, special events and of course some very tasty food.

When we visited Martino's in September 2013, Ron was able to spend some time with us after we enjoyed the lunch buffet. We learned that chef Deb Winger has developed the recipes for most of the dishes served at this Italian eatery but Ron has also contributed a few of their most popular offerings. His "Ron's Original", which is typically a part of the buffet, is a tasty twist on a supreme pizza with the very welcome addition of a layer of bacon. Another of Ron's seasonal specialties was on the buffet the day we Octoberfest pizza. Layered with sauerkraut, bratwurst slices and Wisconsin cheeses, this white sauce pizza is very unique and I found it to be absolutely delicious. In fact, all the pizza varieties we were able to sample at Martino's were wonderful and it's easy to see why the lunch buffet is a popular option for locals. Carol is already looking forward to a return visit for Ron's Chicken Dumpling Soup. We will need to exercise good planning, though, because this soup is rotated with several others as the Martino's "soup of the day". You can be sure we'll be making a phone call to assure ourselves that it will be available upon our return..

While this quest began as a fairly narcissistic adventure, we did hold out hope that we might meet some long lost relatives in the process. What we didn't expect, was that we would meet these incredible folks operating these diverse establishments. In addition to the name "Martino", we've found one other binding tie among the thirteen we've visited to date...a passion for the food and a devotion to their customers. Though I have absolutely no right to feel this way, I'm proud that I share my name with these restaurants. This adventure just keeps getting more and more wonderful. Thanks to T.J., Ron and all the folks at these two great Wisconsin eateries for sharing their stories with us...and for the great food, too!

View this article on the Good Life Destinations website.


Eau Claire Leader Telegram: Diners' Notebook
By Audrey Fessler and Jeff Vahlbusch

Without reader Frank Reith, who called to question our pizza sense, we might never have found Martino's. That would have been a shame. Martino's makes some of the best Wisconsin-style pizza we've tasted. The night we visited, the restaurant and restrooms were spotless. Service was welcoming, attentive, and witty.

Our first pizza was classically simple: pepperoni and cheese on Martino's "original" pizza crust— half inch of breadstick-crisp, house-made dough with a sturdy rim. Martino's cheese is a tasty all-Wisconsin mix of mozzarella, young provolone, and cheddar and come properly baked into lovely reddish-brown peaks and deep-golden valleys. The house blended sauce is a study in fresh and mild: bright tomato flavor and color with pleasant acidity and understated Italian herbs. The pepperoni is spicy and a little unctuous, just as it should be. This was a well-crafted, satisfying pie with each good ingredient prominent and none dominant.

Our second pizza was more complex: Martino's House Special on thin crust. Like many "specialty" pizzas, this one comes overloaded with pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, Canadian bacon, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, black olives, and mushrooms. But Martino's manages to keep this pizza astonishingly light by using less meat and cheese than most other makers. The happy result is a fine fresh-vegetable casserole sparked by the spice and salt of the meats and sauce. The bland Italian sausage bits were our only disappointment.

And Martino's thin crust? A quarter-inch masterpiece. The bottom surface is crisp-tender. Under the sauce, the top stays soft and moist, breadlike enough to balance the pie's generous inch of rich ingredients. This is a crust the even thin-crust foes can love.

Thanks, Frank!



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"Martino's Pizza Place is the best place to have a birthday party. We were treated like royalty! The service was very friendly and the food was awesome!"
—Kris Rudnick

"Fantastic Italian food, great service and a wonderful atmosphere... the perfect dining experience!  Martino's has the menu items that really hit the spot, and I love the daily lunch buffets with the fresh salad bar!"
—Marcie Dallas

"The staff is always friendly and makes sure you have everything you need. The food, as always, is superb!!! We love the variety of pizzas and they are always amazing. I love the rewards points and the birthday gift of ½ off pizza. That's what we came in for was to use my husband's birthday coupon. We will be back and have already told our friends about Martino's. Several have come by to try it and have all been happy. Keep up the quality of food and service and we will be lifetime customers."
—Loriann Freeman

"Your staff is always courteous and friendly. The salad bar and pizza bar are all stocked well. Definitely, we continue to let others know about Martino's!"
—Julie M. Dunn

"Our waitress was very helpful. We had a group of 30 people, and she did an awesome job keeping up with everything. Thumbs up!"
—Candi J. Frost

"Excellent quality of food and service."
—Kenneth E. Johnson

"We always enjoy the food, wait staff and the atmosphere, when Ron is there he always makes a point to stop out and say "Hi". We have brought people to Martino's from TN, MN, AZ and they all loved it!!!! KUDOS to great place to dine at a reasonable price!"
—Rita B. Klenke

"I had a great experience and the food and wait staff were excellent."
—Pam Fieber

715.644.3334  |  965 Pine Street   Stanley, Wisconsin         

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